Automation systems are a key advantage in Dinesol’s manufacturing process. Dinesol has integrated 6 and 7 axis Fanuc robots running 24/7, driving the consistency, speed, and reliability of our plastic injection molding operations. Our production sites contain a set of spare parts for each robot, allowing our engineers to make any necessary repairs and maintenance to the machines. Dinesol utilizes an automation system which goes beyond the basic tasks. Our secondary Automation Systems allow us to do more than just simply pick up and place a plastic part. Through this secondary system our manufacturing cells drive productivity, by being able to handle complex tasks which include orienting upstream as well as downstream operations. Our implementation of automation leads the industry. Whether simple or complex, upstream or downstream integration of robotics and automation cells provide numerous advantages for our customers. Dinesol has experience in innovating and integrating automation solutions for our partners including:

  • installed cameras for quality control
  • rotary platens for 2 shot injection molding
  • static chargers for in mold labeling
  • in line hot stamping
  • automatic labeling
  • custom end of arm tooling